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mulberry I love taking the winter lake. That cold water though , but as long as there is the golden sun bashing sprinkled on top , and that the lake will glow golden light , it is systemic birth warmth. Winter the lake is quiet , deep and bright. Occasionally a few ducks floating on top posture serene. If it were not that the head of the red crown , is indeed not tell the difference between it and the Swan .

Quietly walked along the shore , thoughts are also with the lake slowly calmed down, occasionally stepping stone in a head , facing the lake golden smooth look, the mood suddenly open up.

Winter is the season of food scarcity mulberry . The best hand- packed in a handful of bread crumbs or crushed crackers, if better, buy a bag of fish on the shore of food , a little spilled into the lake, and that ducks, geese and goldfish , it suddenly came up about , you ask around , buried his head in the water peck , how joyous scenes.

Kick voice pierced the quiet of the lake , but not noisy , " quack " sounds come and go , people know that this winter , on the ice , but also have vitality .

One afternoon , we have a four to go play in the lake . I am delighted at the lake a small shop a cup of tea, holding hands while walking to drink. Husband said , slowly drink , be careful hot mouth. I would suck a little bit careful , slowly approached the lake, the tea into the clear water of the lake . Tea slowly cool to the temperature of palatability , I picked up the cup , then gently lake Yang Kai , not because milk and raise the temperature , but did not because of the wind and cool. I looked back to her, she remained calm and gently Dangzhuo ripples.

Father and mother walking on the lake, mulberry pointing talk with lake pavilion , koi water , boating workers ...... they are curious about everything . As if the older person , just as a child . Mother saw a dough stalls , joy , looking at faces of people set up stalls bamboo shelves pinching one good side of people . There are kids playing Altman , radiant , Journey to the West where there are fairies , Pig . I think she liked , took money to let dough knead the two middle-aged woman to take her birds .

She put a face people laughing , said the two birds is good, you aviculture perennial father , the family has to endure the chaos and dirty , pinched bird today , more beautiful , go home quickly to clean up all the guys aviculture , later raised the bird ! We all laughed, everyone laughed at his father to see , mulberry turned her head to the side to see the lake , but could not help but grin also open .

The lake is still quiet mulberry , calm almost invisible ripples. But we clearly alarmed her laughter , the lake in the sunshine reflecting the bright stars in the same light, blinks lake more people , as if it knew it was in sight , and it responded with our own beautiful smile .

I was attracted to her quiet beauty . Winter lake , the green has faded in the spring , summer and impetuous , bleak autumn , after the experience of her mouth, calm atmosphere , quietly lying on the earth 's embrace . She does not say, is no longer frivolous floating laugh, her world hold to gently smile, but a smile intoxicating. mulberry Who are not pregnant impetuous close to her , they will never understand her bones strong dedication and deep passion.

I have seen a lively stream , rushing rivers, have seen vast as the sea can not be one , but never paid attention to the beauty of the lake , the lake is quiet. In particular, this winter the lake , too, such as a quiet Kiyomi intellectual woman , she will all deeply hidden emotions into my heart, if not met the atmosphere congenial person, she never easy to tell people . She sunshine , calm, no general common sad woman mulberry , she knew that her beauty is their deep confidence.

I hope she stood quietly , to her. If not get enough of her, love her enough , I know that this winter the lake .